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Brio, Mario's or Biaggi's??

My FILs are planning our rehearsal dinner and we've narrowed it down to three choices - Brio, Mario's or Biaggi's. I've never been to any of them so I'm looking for some advice. Any suggestions on which to go with?

Re: Brio, Mario's or Biaggi's??

  • spenet1spenet1 member
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    Mario's is tried and true, always delicious. I've never been to Biaggi's, and I've had two subpar experiences with Brio, both in regards to the food and service. Just wasn't the greatest. I know I might be in the minority though.
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    I had a really bad experience once with Marios, food was good, but they were so super snooty to me that I haven't been back.  

    I went to Brios once, wasn't crazy about it.

    So I picked Biaggis...but it's a chain.

    Wow, I sound like a Debbie Downer...sorry!!!
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  • degreadegrea member
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    I have only been to Mario's a few times and everytime it has been very good. They even over cook my pasta (on my request) for me shortly after having root canal, chewing was not so easy. The waiter was super nice!
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  • dtronoldtronol member
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    Brio - their event space for a rehearsal dinner is perfect and gorgeous, and the food is exquisite!

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    This might just be a rumor but I heard that Brio was actually going out of business or at least changing names soon.  Not sure if this would affect a reception booking.  But I am a big fan of Brio other than that.  Marios has a nice reception space too, but their food seems to be higher priced. 
  • jnpiwowarczykjnpiwowarczyk member
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    biaggis has AMAZING food!
  • liilprincessliilprincess member
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    Mario's! Always delicious food and wonderful wine.
    Brio has always been owned by the same people who own Pomodoro downtown... they're just officially changing their name and making their menus more similar I think.  I  hope that they become more like Pomodoro's food because Brio's food has been only okay in the past.
    Biaggi's is a chain and while food is fine, it's just a little meh... Mario's is so Rochester!
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