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XP different bridesmaid dresses? Need your opinions!

I have a vision of my bridesmaids all wearing 4 different dresses, but the same color, strapless and around the same length. I think it will be really cute, especially since all girls have very different body types.

My mom and my sister (who is my MOH) thinks that the 4 dresses I picked are way to different and won't work well. Please let me know what you think!

if 2 of the pictures look weird it's because opened them in Paint and colored over with black to try to get an idea of what I want them to look like. My colors are royal purple with black accents. The long dress I would have altered to be knee length. The dresses are by bari jay and the color is passion.

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Re: XP different bridesmaid dresses? Need your opinions!

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    I think the only one that may not fit with the others is the last one.  OR  you could have your MOH wear the last one to make her a little different than the others.

    I told my girls the color, length and fabric and they got to choose their own style.  Have your BMs tried on any of these dresses?  What do your other BMs besides your sister think? I would ask the others and say majority rules.
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    I let my bridesmaids pick out their dresses. I gave them color,length and fabric as well. We got them from Alfred Angelo because there was store where they all lived, SC,DC, MA, and NY.  If it was me I would let them pick out the dresses based on what they like and what fits them. They will be much more comfortable in a dress that they picked out and like.

    I attached a pic of my girls that day so you can see what they ended up choosing.

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    Hah...I tried this.  I told my girls a color, length, and fabric and sent them to David's Bridal (they all had one within 15 minutes of their houses...)  3 of the 4 came back with the same dress, so I asked the 4th to compromise!  The only thing she didn't like was that it was strapless, so I told her if she wanted to add spaghetti straps to hers, I was fine with that.

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    Go to the DB website and you can do a "fake" bridal party and dress them.  See how a picture would look with the 4 different dresses!
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