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What to include in the invitation?

Ok, I just wanted to run this by everybody in case I'm missing anything that could be useful.

I'm putting together my invitations now and so far have included:
-The invitation itself (obviously lol); I am not putting it in a separate envelope however to conserve paper/budget
-Accommodations I've booked blocks at and their prices/last day to book
-Directions to the ceremony/reception area (including a parking map) from the thruway, etc.
-The reply card w/ a forever stamp and pre-addressed: is it true that really small envelopes will not be accepted by the post office? the envelope is prob 4"x4" (I was thinking of doing post cards instead if so)

-Should I include a list of attractions in the area for my out of town guests?  There's going to prob be quite a few.

Any advice would be helpful, thank you!

Re: What to include in the invitation?

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    On my directions card I also "directed" people to the website for the out of town stuff.

    Is your reception & ceremony at the same place?  If not, you might want to consider a reception card.

    And I haven't heard of the post office not accepting the envelopes, but you can always run by and check!
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  • Aquarian342Aquarian342 member
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    Yeah I suppose I could put info on my website, or just give them a good tourism website.  Thanks for the idea!
    As far as the ceremony/reception, it's actually all in one spot with no gap in time (ceremony starts at 5pm, cocktail/hors d'oeuvre hour is from 5:30-6:30, then dinner and reception stuff go till 11pm) so it should be fairly easy for everyone :-)
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    Definitely include your website on the accommodations card then you can put places to visit, where you're registered, etc on there. I didn't do a directions card...with gps and google, there's really no need for it anymore. Square envelopes can cost more depending on the size so you should double check with the post office. I did find some info on the post office's website about envelope sizes but it was hard to find. Also, double check that your invitation envelope isn't considered oversized. 
  • Aquarian342Aquarian342 member
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    Thanks for the info, shan, I just thought the directions were customary but honestly I really see no point in them.  Whenever anybody gives me directions, I disregard them and just plug in the address into google maps and get turn-by-turn (or now, use my fiance's GPS function on his DROID).
    I will prob just go to the post office at some point and bring what I want to send and see what they say; I know the postage isn't extra based on weight though.
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    Haha...I included a directions card because otherwise I'd never hear the end of it from my Nana!!  ...even though she's having someone else drive her :)
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    I would be sure to include a link to your wedding website somewhere.  I had all the info about the hotel block on mine as well as buffalo attractions (clicky) and transportation options.
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    I also am planning on putting directions and local attractions on the website as well
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    If you're doing OOT bags, you could put info in them for attractions.  I just got an email from a woman with Visit Buffalo Niagara today.  She said they can provide free maps, restaurant guides, visitor guides and other materials for my guests.

    Contact info:

    Dionne Williamson
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