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Bridal Shop Recommendations

Please recommnd some shops for a dress with good customer service! A good selection would be nice too.

Re: Bridal Shop Recommendations

  • michellep1michellep1 member
    edited December 2011
    I'm not sure exactly where you are located, but there's a cute place in Webster, named Tony's Bridal.  It's a small place, and the woman's a little kooky, but shes very very nice and they have a decent selection.  When I went this weekend she showed me some of the dresses she ordered for spring, which was helpful since they were more in line with the type of dress I want.

    I also had a great experience at Bridal Belle in Henrietta.  We happened to be able to get in without an appointment, but it was a weekday morning, and I get the idea that they would appreciate appointments.  Our saleslady, Celeste, was very helpful and brought in many gowns that were very close to what I was looking for.  They also just ordered new dresses for Spring that should be in soon.

    Saturday I have an appointment at One Enchanted Evening in Fairport, which I have heard nothing but great things about.  My sister got her prom dress there a few years ago and they were very attentive and sweet to her, even though she was only spending a little over $100.

    Hope this helps!
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  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
    edited December 2011
    Bridal Chateau on Wherle Dr.  They provided amazing customer service and they have a huge selection.  They really personalize everything which was great!
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  • degreadegrea member
    edited December 2011
    If you are in Buffalo I reccomend MA Carr in Ochard Park. I went to them all and this one ws teh most helpful and had the best selection.
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    I got my dress at Bridals by D on Main St (near Transit) in Williamsville.  I highly recommend them.  Good luck!
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  • Beachy730Beachy730 member
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    edited December 2011
    I second the recommendation for Bridal Chateau.  I got my dress from there as well as my headpiece and was really happy with them.
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    I had a good experience with Bridal Chateau, Victoria's, and I purchased my dress at M.A. Carr.  They were all very helpful.  I loved Bridal Chateau's arrangement of dresses,  they were set up by style instead of Designer which helped out once you found the style that you liked.
  • lroman2005lroman2005 member
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    edited December 2011
    Victoria's Bridal was very nice, they have a few clearance racks also. Christine's Bridal Shoppe has a decent selection but I found their staff to be rather boring & not so helpful. There is a new Alfred Angelo store on Niagara Falls Boulevard and they have a big selection and their consultants are young and very nice! I think I found the dress I want there but am going to check out Bridals by D as I have heard good things about them also.
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