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? for recently married buffalo girls (re: gifts)

First off, congrats on your weddings from a Buffalo knottie from 5 years ago!  

I'm curious to see what the average cash wedding gift was for the area.  I feel like times have changed the past couple years since I was married and I don't want to short change anyone this coming summer.  Thanks for any advice you can offer!

Re: ? for recently married buffalo girls (re: gifts)

  • degreadegrea member
    I would say $100 is pretty standard per couple. If you are by yourself $100 still seems to be the standard.
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  • Agreed.  Average dinners in the area (for formal venues) are around $35-70pp, and typically the ettiquite of gift giving is to cover the cost of your dinner. soooo anywhere from $50-100 seems appropriate.
  • That's what I was thinking about I just wanted to make sure.  Thanks for the help girls!  
  • Agreed w/ PPs. I would say $50-$100 is appropriate
  • I would say $100, but if the reception is somewhere really cheap, their backyard, less, at a nicer venue, then I would say more,  if you're getting married at say westwood cc, it costs the bride $100/pp so you should at least cover that.
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