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Catholic Ceremony Music

Hey girls!  If any of you are having a full Catholic ceremony, what songs did you choose for the presentation of the gifts and for communion?
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Re: Catholic Ceremony Music

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    "The Wedding Song" by Noel Paul Stookey
    don't remember the other one.... I think maybe "I will Follow You" by John Denver...

    FWIW- I would suggest talking w/ the musician or coordinator at your church before getting your heart set on any music.  Our was verrrry strict and I had already fallen in love with a song for the processional.  (Train's "Marry Me"... I would have been happy to have just an instrumental, but they would not allow that either... I was so bummed!!!)...  some are more relaxed than others, but most (mine did) basically give you a hadnful of songs to select from for various parts of the mass.
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    Some common choices for Catholic Weddings (I work for the Catholic Church- not to seem like a vendor, only to qualify my response)  for either are "Supper of the Lord" by OCP publications,  settings of Ave Maria- the Schubert is most popular,  Where ever you go by GIA publications, The Gift of Love,  Mozart's Laudate Dominum, Frank's "Panis Angelicus,"  "In Love we Choose to Live" by GIA publications, any setting of psalm 34- taste and see, "Love Divine, All Love's Excelling," "The King of Love My Shepherd is,"  "We Have Been Told," "One Bread, One Body."   The church music minister should have many more suggestions for you, but feel free to private message me if you need anything! Good luck! 
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    I got married in a church but not a catholic one. The organist gave us selections and we choose one we liked. I would ask the person playing they might have some good ideas!
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