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Cheap buffet style receptions in WNY


I have been looking for an inexpensive, yet delicious, buffet style reception in WNY. I would like to have a 4 hour open bar and keep it in the $20s per person. Any suggestions? Perhaps a VFW post, or knights of columbus?

Re: Cheap buffet style receptions in WNY

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    $20 or less with 4 hours open bar will be tough. I know a lot of places give you money off for Sunday or Friday weddings. Or possibly a luncheon or cocktail party. These place are higher than you wanted but all I could think of. I would look at:

    -Heart Stone Manor
    -Marygold Manor
    -Classic V
    -The Palms

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    I'd suggest Lucarelli's.  They'll cater wherever your reception may be.  My friend used them and she had her reception at the Lodge Auction House in South Buffalo.  She said it was very reasonable and the food was great.
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    Try the Ellicott Creek Firehall.(on Ellicott Crk Rd near Nia Falls Blvd).. the room is absolutely beautiful and is catered by the Grapevine.  I believe my friend is paying around $25/person with 4.5 hours of open bar...The food is amazing .Good Luck
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    Maybe Banchetti's?
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    Orazio's in Clarence?  
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    $20 would barely cover the 4 hours of open bar... nevermind the food.
    Maybe consider doing beer/wine with or without signature drink
    or a cocktail/appetizer type reception (just make sure your guests know not to expect a full meal) or a brunch like PP suggested.
    Think about it... when was the last time you went out to eat and had a delicious meal w/ drinks for less than $20??
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    I was not looking for $20 per person, but trying to keep it in the $20s. Many places I have called offer $29.99 per person with open bar. Just looking for suggestions.
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    Orazio's in clarence you could do it with bar

    also try

    the eagle house?

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    have you considered having it in a hall like a fire hall or even maybe your backyard with a tent and getting it catered... then you might be able to bring in your own alcohol too
  • cinndawgcinndawg member
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    Kiebzaks in Sloan is a bit outdated as far as halls go but their food is amazing. My sisters did my bridal shower there and all we heard was how good the food is. I believe they might have something in your price range.
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    Just checked Kiebzaks website and they do have a package for $24.95 with four hour open bar. I definately recommend.
  • allymddallymdd member
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    The Hamlin House downtown starts at $12 per person. The food is FABULOUS.
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