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Marriage License after Wedding

Hi Everyone,

What do we do with the marriage license after the ceremony?  I know it has to be filed with the county but can we mail it?  Do both of us have to be present?

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Marriage License after Wedding

  • lls31lls31
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    I don't have an answer for you, but call your county's courthouse and get in touch with the orphan's court clerk.  He or she should be able to help.  If you're in Northampton Country, the clerk is Dorothy Cole at 610-559-3095.  I called with other questions and they were very helpful.
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  • Did you get your marraige license yet? We got ours from Lackawanna County and the clerk gave us directions and a checklist etc. with it. Either way calling couldn't hurt. Thats what thier there for.
  • The person who is officating your ceremony needs to sign it and send it in to be filed.  There should be an envelope included for who it needs to be sent to.
  • Are you getting married at a church or at a different venue? Our priest told us he handles sending in the marriage license after the ceremony. He said we just need the license and he'll take care of the rest. We were told we should have it the week we get back from the honeymoon, if not sooner. I'd ask your local courthouse and follow up with wherever your ceremony is.
  • Oh, I do know you both have to be present to OBTAIN the marriage license. You both have to swear the information you give is correct and fill out the form together.
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