Do boys like cocktails?

Hello all! :):) Happy 4th!!

Does anyone have any suggestions for cocktails as far as men go? ... everything I'm seeing online is fruity. Do boys like that kind of stuff? I cant see my dad having an umbrella drink haha. Anyone know a bartender? I'm open to anything as long as it tastes good.

Thank youuuuu!!


Re: Do boys like cocktails?

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    My FI likes Long Island Iced Teas.  It really depends on the guy though.  Some will drink the fruity stuff and some won't.
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    I agree with PP. It all depends on the guy. My FI will sometimes have a mixed drink but other times a nice cold beer is good. We have been tossing around the idea of not having beer at the wedding so if someone doesn't want a cocktail or wine, then they can have soda. I know my dad is fine with a whiskey sour or whiskey on the rocks which would be included in 'no beer'. But if you are looking for a signature drink, just do something your FI and you both like. If it's there, people will drink it. 
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    FI mostly sticks to beer.  Or he will have a gin and tonic.  That's really his only mixed drink though.  I know other guys that will do rum and cokes.  But that's about it at least in my experience.
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    They'll drink cocktails as long as it doesn't look like a chick drink.  Put your signature cocktail in a more generic glass like a tumbler, and then they won't feel silly walking around in a tux with a pink martini glass.  If they're liquor in it, and the other options are limited, of course they'll take what they can get!

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