Father Passed, Brother Walking me...Remembering Dad...Gift for Brother


I looking for any suggestions....My Father passed in December 2007 and I am getting married September 25th 2010.  I am not sure how I can remember him quietly.  I do not think I could emotionally handle something being said.  So I am looking for any suggestions.  I do not have a good picture so I can not have a locket.

Also my brother is going to walk me down the aisle and I would like to buy him a Thank you gift but I am cant seam to find anything.  I am looking for something that is different as he could buy himself anything he wants. 

Thank you, Linda

Re: Father Passed, Brother Walking me...Remembering Dad...Gift for Brother

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    Do you have a shirt or something of your dad's?  You could have a piece sewn into the underside of your wedding dress with your dad's initials, name, or something else special to you.  

    A friend had a piece of her mom's wedding gown sewn into her gown to honor her mom.  
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    along the same lines, you could use a piece of a shirt, etc. that reminds you of your dad and wrap your bouquet with the fabric.  

    Or maybe not a locket with a photo but a "something" put in the bouquet as a charm (like his fav. watch or a tool he used if he was handy, or a golf tee, etc...)
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    What about planting a tree? I'm not sure what exactly you were thinking about doing...but we did that for my grandparents when they passed away. We planted a tree in my parents front yard and we had a plaque made up to put into the ground under the tree. Maybe something like that would be nice?

    As for your brother, how old is he? Maybe a gift certificate to something unique, something he wouldn't think of everyday. If hes a social person, send him away on a murdery mystery weekend. Those are so much fun.
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    Thank you all for your ideas!

    I still unsure for my Dad..The tree is a great idea but we don't plan on staying forever where we live now.  I don't have any of his old clothes...I am sure I will figure out something..

    I finally figured out my brothers gift...I decided on a picture frame with the two us in the picture with it engraved thank you for walking me down the aisle, love you sisiter, linda. 

    Thanks again!
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