Okay, I'm soo new to this, that I have no idea where to start, or should I even start!?
I'm 19 years old, and i just got engaged Friday May 14, 2010. First of all, I never expected it to happen. We've had talks about it, but he was always like, nah I don't want to get married, and then BOOM he asked me. (There were tears, many, many happy tears.) He told me that even when we were talking about it, he knew he was going to ask me. Well anyways, the wedding won't be for three years. (June 15, 2013.) We wanted to wait a bit. I'll be 22, he'll be 24. So heres where I need help. I'm so excited about planning this wedding. and I keep looking at things, but how early can I start planning. Should I even be looking now? Or should I just not look at all? Should I look a bit? I know my colors, but thats really all. I'm amazed I got the date down. LOL! so yes, HELP PLEASE!<3


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    The ONLY thing I would do now is RESEARCH.  The more you know, the cheaper you can get things and the less stressed you will be.  The first thing to book is the venue because, well, you have a date picked but they might not have it available.  The problem is, most places may not be taking reservations this far in advance.  But LOOK NOW and then pick a place once you are certain.  

    Things not to do for a loooong time:  Ask you bridesmaids or buy a dress 
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    Now is the time to gather ideas and compile them! You may just want to start a folder of photos on your computer to reference, or you could even build a planning bio using a free website like weebly. I would also recommend starting to save money to put towards things. Even $20 or so dollars a week and you will have a nice little wedding fund in 3 years.

    As PP mentioned most venues won't book that far in advance, but it never hurts to research what's around you or at least the "style" of venue you may have in mind. 

    You definitely don't want to look at dresses until about a year out. Hang around the boards and get lots of ideas and advice, that's why we're here!!!
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    I agree with the other two posts... and also I'll add... REALLY JUST RESEARCH NOW!!!! Definitely just gather the info, keep it in folders, and be flexible and ready for when you change your mind. We were engaged for about 3 years and my colors, which were picked way back when have changed since then (which I never thought would happen)!!! Also, Bridal Expos are another great place to get ideas... it's not too early to hit them up to help with research... don't be alarmed if people look at you like you have 5 heads when you tell them your date... they won't necessarily be as interested in "talking" with you then as they are trying to get the business of people who are closer to being ready NOW but still doesn't hurt to go and look. Plus, you might get free stuff!
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    You can try a wedding planner...a friend of mine just opened a business and shes acctually pretty cheap her site is ...also there is john mackey i heard hes good too but i dont know if he's expensive or not. good luck and congrats
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