Where to go?

We are thinking of taking a road trip to PA for our HM and I was hoping you guys could give me some don't miss sites?

Re: Where to go?

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    Where in PA?

    What sort of thing are you looking for?  (Amish country, B&B, Civil War Battle Field stuff, City stuff like Philly hotels, restaurants ... etc.)  

    That will all make a big difference...
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    We like the out of the ordinary odd things. And we are big in to haunted history too. We are taking a 2 week driving trip so don't know about what towns we will hit. Just having fun we are more about the fun we had then where we go. Were just big kids out to have fun.
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    If you are into haunted history my two suggestions would be Gettysburg or Jim Thorpe. There is a lot of history and spooky stuff at Gettysburg, I recommend the Farnsworth House

    Jim Thorpe is a historic little town in the Poconos with a lot of coal region history. Kind of artsy with little shops but some spooky places to check out as well. Also has great hiking, mountain biking and rafting on the Lehigh Gorge.
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    I second Gettysburg, it's amazing there!

    The Poconos is an amazing area also.  Not sure what time of year you are going but there are always outdoor activities year round. 

    If you are in the Philadelphia area and like haunted stuff you should totally check out the Eastern State Penitentiary (  Ghost Hunters went there a few times and it's always good. 

    Best of luck & Enjoy!
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    I grew up in Jim Thorpe my whole life.  Moved to Baltimore after I graduated college 6 1/2 years ago.  I would def. recommend a stop by our little town.  I miss home and love going home when I can.  If you are going in the winter, check out Big Boulder/Jack Frost for skiiang and tubing.  Lake Harmony resort is the resort right between the two.  The Old Jail in Jim Thorpe is a 'haunted' attraction as well as the Inn in Jim Thorpe has some great haunted stories and rooms.  The Harry Packer Mansion is a place you can stay in as well and they do "Clue" weekends which is pretty neat.  In the summer time there is nothing better than whitewater rafting or renting bikes and riding along the river or going for a hike at Glen Onoko Falls (one of my favorite places to go every time I am home).  Try and Any questions about JT, just ask since it is my hometown :)

    I too agree with Gettysburg, that is about an hour away from me here in Baltimore so we go often for the day, about 2 hours or so from Jim Thorpe.  We actually did a haunted ghost tour there a few years ago around Halloween and they were filming an episode of Ghost Hunters, very cool!  That has amazing history and all kinds of haunted tours.

    Philly is about an hour and a half-2 hours from the Poconos and I recommend South Street and a cheesesteak from Pat's or Gino's!
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