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We are getting married in June so we are getting close to when we need to get the marriage license.  I live in Monroe county and I looked into this a little.  I know they will make one 60 days from the date.  Of course they are only open Monday - Friday with no night hours.  We both work so unfortunately we will have to take time off from work.  With a two week honeymoon planned I don't have much vacation time left.  I was just wondering if anyone else had any advice on days of the week or time of day to go that would have the shortest lines.  I also read that sometimes they only do the actual license on certain days but I didn't find anything about that online.  Thanks in advance!

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    it is horrible!  My DH and I live in Brooklyn -- so not only are they only open Monday-Friday (no weekends!?  not even Saturday morning like the Post Office??) but also they close at like 3:30 in the afternoon.  We took the day off.  There was 1 other couple there when we went.  

    -- My only recommendation would to NOT go between 11 and 1 simply because a lot of people try to get it done during their lunch breaks.  If you're taking the whole day off go in the morning or in the afternoon.  --

    Once you get there, it's painless - but the hours are ridiculous.  We had figured either a Saturday morning when visiting my parents OR the Thursday or Friday before the wedding since we had already taken those days off - but of course that's not allowed either.  
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    Can you switch your hours at work? I usually work 8 - 4:45, but I explained the situation and was able to work 9 - 5:30. I got to the courthouse at 8am when they opened and got right in. The whole process took about 15 mins or less.

    Hope this helps.
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    We can sometimes adjust our schedule depending of what's going on.  Unfortunately we work in NJ so it's about an hour drive to work.  So even if we are out of there by 9 am we are still looking at being 2 hours late for work (we start at 8am).  It's so frustrating when places like this are only open when you are working.  It's like the DMV!!  SO FRUSTRATING!!!
    But thanks for the advice! 
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