Having a friend perform the ceremony...

Hello All...

Excitement abounds...I said YES to the dress on the weekend and have a few venue options nailed occured to me today that I'd love to pull a 'Joey' and have a friend officiate the ceremony...did some google-ing on the subject matter and haven't read anything conclusive.  Anyone know if anyone can become ordained to perform a legal wedding ceremony in BC??

Thanks ladies!
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Re: Having a friend perform the ceremony...

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    honestly, i dont know. but you could call or email the government and they should direct you to the correct office that deals with the legalities of it.

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    You definitely can have a friend do the ceremony. You can google it, and find one time licenses for anyone who goes through the online process!
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    Best of luck!
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    This is not legal here in British columbia. I have looked into it but having someone ordained over the internet will not work here (sadly) 
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    Thanks for the responses!  I have since learned that you can have a marriage commissioner present for the ceremony but have someone else facilitate it...they need to be present to witness and ask the legal questions "is there any reason..." etc.  I hope so...I have my heart set on it!!!
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