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Im happy that The provides an easy way to create your wedding website. The only issue I have (and it almost negates my reason for using a website) is on the RSVP page. The guests are only allowed to enter one name on the page and there is no way to indicate the number of people from their household that are attending. We know some of our guests are not bringing their children, and some will. Is there something that I am missing here?

Re: The Knot Website RSVP page

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    We just ran into the exact same snag. Looking forward to a response from the folks at theknot.

    Rob & Emily
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    I wouldn't recommend using The Knot for your online stuff.  They are notorious for having problems and losing data.  All of the RSVP info you have may disappear one day.  I used Wedding bells, and lots of other brides here use weebly or weddingwire.  For RSVP's, I used an excel spreadsheet and listed their meal preferences, gifts and thank you notes sent too

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    @meyermeier I just sent a request to customer service for you. Will give you an update as soon as I can!
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    I second all frustrations here. I wish I had read more reviews before wasting a day setting ours up.
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