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Canmore Honeymoon?


My FI and I are looking into honeymooning in Canmore.  Neither of us have ever traveled to Alberta but we love the cold and are actually looking forward to possibly seeing some snow!! We both are from the north (Michigan and New York State), but currenly live in south Florida, so we have not seen snow in years!

 We have narrowed our resort search down to two resorts:  the Stoneridge Mountain Resort or the Blackstone Mountain Lodge.  Has anyone stayed at either resort or heard anything about them? 

Also, can anyone make any reccomendations for spas and things to do in the area?  We are honeymooning in October and love the outdoors! 

Thank you so very much for any help!
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Re: Canmore Honeymoon?

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    Sorry I can't help out with your resorts, but I will tell you that Canmore is awesome. I highly suggest renting a car and making your way to the hot springs, Banff and Lake Louise. Lake Louise is stunning and about 45 minutes away from Canmore. Check out the Banff Springs hotel and Chateau Lake Louise.. they are both beautiful and make for stunning pictures. 
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    I don't know the hotels either, but you should definitely go have one dinner in Banff Springs Hotel and one at the fondue place in Banff (Grizzly House?).  Mmmmm!
    Can't wait for our wedding in Banff! I am truly marrying my best friend :).
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    I've never stayed in Canmore.  But, I could suggest a few places in Banff.

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    Hi there!  I have never been to either of those resorts, but I do live in Banff.  If staying in Canmore, a rental car would be a must to see the sites.  There are plenty of nice places in town, but it's not really as touristy of a place as Banff is.  The Iron Goat is one place I would recommend as it has the best patio/view in town!  In Banff, the Banff Springs has a wonderful spa and we also have the hotsprings to visit.  A trip up the Gondola is a must, as well as a hike up the Johnston Canyon trail.
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    I have not stayed at either of those resorts however we did do my bachelorette party at the Copperstone lodge in Dead Mans Flats - the point to that is that the blackstone lodge is a sister hotel - we had a great experience. The room was wonderful and clean and the service from front desk was also great.

    I work at the Springs and can tell you yes there is a spa - but it is quite pricey the Bohdi Tree spa in Canmore is wonderful, and a little more economical - not cheap but still less than the springs.

    You should def rent a car and take in the sights mentioned above - the hotels and the  godola and the hotsprings - I would add in Moraine Lake if the road is still open- which depending on the weather sometimes it is and sometimes it is not, it is halfway up the hill to Lake Louise.
    As a caution and I don't want to rain on your parade AT ALL but just to let you know there are lots of years we don't actually have snow in the bow valley in October, just so you are aware - if you for sure want snow come in January. if you have any other questions about Banff or Canmore feel free to PM me!!!!!!!! Lots of luck and have a wonderful weddiing
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    Last summer we stayed at the Blackstone Mountain Lodge. It was really nice and the staff was amazing. It is located close enough to downtown that you can walk. I have not stayed in the Stoneridge resort, but I think the majority of these condos are new and owned by the same company. Another resort to try is the Solara. It is brand new, and we just stayed there last week. The resort itself is not completed yet, but I think they are planning to have it completed by this summer. The suites were also amazing, and much bigger than the one's at Blackstone Mountain.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to private message me. We are actually getting married in Canmore in September. That's why we are trying out all of the different condos.
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