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What are you putting in your out of town bags? I have people coming from all over

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    We didn't do them, but here are some ideas, from what I've seen other people do:

    -bottled water (sometimes personalized)
    -mini pack of tissues (sometimes personalized)
    -map of the area/list of things to do
    -Utz crab chips
    -chocolate crabs
    -packets of Old Bay
    -Berger cookies
    -non-Baltimore-related food is okay, too (cookies, popcorn, granola bars, fudge, etc)

    I think many guests appreciate the food and water because they may be hungry from traveling.  You can cut back on costs by making some of the goodies yourself.  Couples often also include items related to their 'theme', if they have one, or special to where they grew up, like root beer local to them or salwater taffy from the beach they visit every summer.
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    Food is definitely appreciated when you get in from a long trip. 

    My friend had a wedding on Cape Cod and put in a postcard with a recipe for New England Clam Chowder - I still use it!

    A map of the area and a schedule of your events are also really helpful/nice.  Maybe directions to the ceremony/reception in case they forgot to bring them.

    Restaurant/Entertainment suggestions for their down time.
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    you can order the mini bags of utz chips on the utz website. Laura pretty much hit on everything I would of said too!  Also those caramel cremes are maid in maryland if your trying to stick to stuff specific to MD... and maybe a recipe for crab cakes or crab dip! 
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    We put a letter in ours thanking our guests for traveling to be there and going over the events for the weekend - including directions to the venue from the hotel.

    We also included:
     - bottled water
     - chips
     - granola bar
     - shout wipes
     - rice krispie treat

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    Do the Herr's Old Bay chips instead!!!  Herr's is local to only this area as well and they are the best potato chips on the planet!
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    We are including pretzels, microwave popcorn, bottled water, hand sanitizer, tissues, and I am making sugar cookie cutouts of our intials and using blue sugar on them, since our colors are blue. We are also including a note from us and maps of the area along with a list of places to eat.
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