Average Cost of Hair and Makeup Artist-Houston

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I am currently looking for a Hair and Makeup Artist in Houston and I am seeing prices that vary from $250-$1,000. Can anyone tell me if these prices are reasonable?

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  • Check on your local Houston board.

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    This is an international board.  But I can say off the top of my head that $1,000 seems crazy, even if it included airbrushing.  (I'm assuming that is a pp price?  Because there's a big difference between $1,000 for one person, and $1,000 for 12 people for hair and makeup). 

  • Umm…I'm paying $220 for hair, make-up, and a trial run for both. And this is in the San Francisco area. So $1,000 for one person seems WAY too high. Check on your local board.

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  • I'm going the cheap route and booked an appointment at mac. 50 bucks, great make up, multiple artists so everyone can get done at the same time. ..simple
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    When I told my planner I wanted hair and makeup done for me she budgeted $350 for both in my break down. So far with the people I have looked at online that seems about spot on, give or take $15-20. I will take into consideration a lot of factors, like how close they are to me/the venue, before I book. But I would not go over around $370. Of course that is just for me. If you are talking about several girls then break out the calculator! :)


    ETA: This includes a trial run.
  • $200 for hair and makeup would be more reasonable in Houston.  You didn't ask for any recommendations, but if you would like a couple, email me at [email protected]  GL
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