Bachelorette party ideas for Delaware Maryland pa area

I am planning a bachalorettr party and am looking for some different ideas of fun stuff to do in those areas

Re: Bachelorette party ideas for Delaware Maryland pa area

  • What does the bride enjoy doing? Is she a sports fan? maybe attending a sporting event would be her style. Is she a girly girl? A spa day would be fun. Does she love to go hiking? Maybe some goecaching is in order. Is she a water baby? How about a beach weekend. Shopping queen? Hello outlets! High roller? Atlantic City is not too far away. Camping guru? Maybe a weekend at a cabin in Deep Creek Lake. Adrenaline junkie? Take her skydiving. Car enthusiast? Extreme driving lessons. Neo southern belle? Maybe a day at the horse race track wearing awesome hats and sipping mint juleps. If you choose something that is special about her, you're golden.
  • Your post mentioned Delaware - how about Rohobeth or Dewey - depending on the crowd - Rohobeth has better restaurants and shopping.  Dewey has a more fun night/bar scene.
  • Thanks for the ideas. I was thinking about doing a relaxing weekend at the beach  ie: a girls weekend away, but I am afraid it may be to cold. This would be taking place in March at the latest. Some of the other ideas were also fantasic. I like the horse race track thing she may like that, she is from the south
  • Ocean City still has some things to do that time of year! You could get a room at Seacrets hotel, and be able to walk across the parking lot to party at Seacrets! They have giant rooms (which are inexpensive that time of year), that have a bedroom with a queen sized bed, living room with couches, loft area with 2 double beds, a full kitchen, and 2 full bathrooms!

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