Annapolis Bachelorette Party Ideas**Help**

I'm planning my sister's Bachelorette Party in Annapolis.  I'm thinking of Pussers for cocktails and dinner but am in need of some ideas for places to go after dinner.  We have about 10 girls and she wants to dance.  I know Annapolis isn't known for their "clubs" but I would like to take her somewhere she can dance for just a bit.  Ideas anybody??  Thanks!

Re: Annapolis Bachelorette Party Ideas**Help**

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    I was on that trip with LTB.  After Tsunami we bar-hopped; the first place we stopped, I don't know the name, but there was definitely dancing, and also Karaoke - it was not far from Tsunami, on our way to Ram's Head.  We stopped in because there was another bach party in there and they waved us in.  Ram's Head was a little too small and crowded, but we got free shots.  Then we went to O'Brien's, where there was indeed a lot of dancing, and after that some other bar closer to the harbor where there was also dancing, but it was more low-key, less club-like.  There are so many bars in such a small area, I think you'll be fine walking around and checking them out to see which appeal to your group.
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