alcohol vendors close to Frederick...???

We are getting married at Shade Trees & Evergreens in Frederick in September next year. . . 

We have a few caterers that we are looking at but one or two don't provide alcohol. 

Does anyone know of any alcohol vendors in the area that they can suggest for us to use? 

Also- how does it work? Do we pay for the full amount that we order and then bring back the unused to get money back? 

Or do we pay for the amount we actually use AFTER the actual reception... ? 

We are having 112 guests, about 95 of them are of drinking age. Does anyone have any $$ figures to compare to with how much they spent on alcohol with a vendor? 

Thanks so much in advance!

Re: alcohol vendors close to Frederick...???

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    edited December 2011
    My sister was married at a venue that did not provide the alcohol and they went to a local liquor store and negotiated a bulk discount since they were ordering such a large amount.  We picked it up the day before the wedding and they kept everything that was left over. 

    You should be able to find formulas online to calculate how much to order but also be sure to take your guests into account (are they beer drinkers vs wine, etc)

    Good luck!
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