NWR: Nurse/Uniform shops in Salisbury?

Hi ladies (and any gents out there),

I'm in need of some help. I've recently started a new job that has me on my feet for long hours, and have decided that the best choice for footwear would be "nurse's shoes". I need them to be comfortable, supportive, and non-slip. Resonably priced wouldn't hurt as well, but I understand that good shoes don't come cheap.

Does anyone have any recommendations for brands and where I can find them if possible?

Thanks in advance!

Re: NWR: Nurse/Uniform shops in Salisbury?

  • Uniforms Unlimited has a large variety of scrubs; not sure if they sell shoes as well, but I would definitely check there. It is located between Eastern Shore Drive and Rt 13, near Giant.
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  • What you want are Danskos. You can actually order them online directly from their website, but I'd suggest trying them on b/c they come in European sizing. I know the Walking Company stocks them so you can see if you have one of those. Otherwise not too familiar with the Salisbury area though. A pair of them is about $120 but I have a pair I've worn for many many days out of the past 2+ years and they're still in great shape.
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  • I am an RN and I highly recommend Sanita clogs. You can sometimes find them on sale on Zappos.. I got mine for 80 and they usually retail around 120. They are nonskid, come in many colors, provide excellent arch support and keep my fatigued legs going 12 hours a day. And they can be wiped clean with bleach wipes. I've tried crocs, earth shoes, running shoes, etc... Nothing wears like my Sanitas. Totally worth the cost.
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