Need help with Michigan honeymoon!!!

We are getting married July 28th and are looking for a mini moon for 3-4 days withing driving distance (we live in Ohio).

We are deciding between: Homestead (Glen Arbor)

Perry Hotel (Petoskey)

Charlevoix somewhere

Saugatak - Boyden House

Re: Need help with Michigan honeymoon!!!

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    The Homestead in Glen Arbor is one of my absolute favorite places!! Husband and I celebrated our 1 year (dating anniversary) there and it was absolutely perfect! I would definitely suggest staying there :)
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    Rather than asking about the hotels, I'd think more about what you want to do. I personally love Saugatuck because it reminds me very much of New England touristy areas, small towns with lots of artsy stores on a shore. It is more of a shore experience too.

    I have stayed at the Perry in Petoskey and loved it..........not familiar with the other 2.
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