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Brides maid Dilemma.......

I have 2 men and 2 women on my court and my fiancee has 4 guy friends on his side. I Have chosen my BFF to be my maid of honer and he is one of the guys in my court . I also chose my sister as comaid of honor. Anyone have any ideas on how both courts can walk down the isle and not look that weird. Or do they all have to walk down the isle? Thanks!

Re: Brides maid Dilemma.......

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    I'm not sure if this will really answer your question but I have 3 bm's and my 2 brothers on my side and FI has 5 guys on his side.  So walking down the aisle will be normal (all bm's and my brothers will walk alone) then during the recessional the MOH and BM will go together, then each of my bm's will walk with 2 groomsmen and my brothers will walk down alone again.Hope that helps some!
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    I recently went to a wedding where they had all the grooms men and the groom waiting at the alter and then the bride and her party were the only ones that walked up the aisle. They did walk down the aisle in pairs at the end but perhaps in your party since its a pretty small number of people they could walk down the individually. hope that helps.
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