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Santiago Oaks Regional ParK wedding PIP

Here's some pics for you ladies, if you are still having trouble finding a venue, this place was great...the only down side is we ran out of parking and people had to start parking outside the park on the street, so if you plan on having more than 100 people, this might not work if they dont carpool...and its hours for ceremony and reception are 9-5, any questions....just ask! 

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Re: Santiago Oaks Regional ParK wedding PIP

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    thanks for sharing

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    So pretty!
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    How much did the venue cost and what do they include because I'm looking into this one myself
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    i paid 1100, that includes ceremony , reception, alcohol allowed to be brought on, 100 chairs, and some banquet tables, 8 hours only 9-5, so my wedding was quick, but people still had a great time , i brought in my own catering from woodranch gril which was a big hit and really inexpensive !
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  • was 100 people your max? what little I could find on the OC park website was 150 maximum. Also, were you allowed to take picture in the orange grove?
  • Congrats!

    I have long been searching a low-cost rustic avenue. This one is a hit!

    Would you mind sharing how your agenda looks like (e.g which time to take pics, ceremony, reception..clean up time?) this might be an odd question but i am not familar with morning/afternoon wedding..Had I not read your post I wouldn't know this venue closed at 5! This is not traditional but i won't mind to offset due to the cost.  Is there any bride's room for change? Can you get there a day before to do all the set up?
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