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C Lazy U Ranch

I was recently a bridesmaid at a wedding at C Lazy U Ranch and since The Knot has listed this place as a venue, I felt the need to let everyone know about our experience. It left a very bad taste in my mouth and I know the large majority of the bridal party and family members involved in the planning feel the same. I feel horrible for the bride and groom.

My experience started with attempting to find out how much it was going to cost to stay there. I called several times and was treated rudely on the phone and never got a call back. It was only when I demanded to speak to the manager (who had neglected to call me back before) that I finally got a number. It was $200per night per person! Apparently this is a discounted price. I spoke with the other bridesmaids and all but one had the same experience and a lot of our friends who came to the wedding did too. One of my friends even got hung up on. Different people were told different prices, ranging from $150 to $210 per person, per night. I ended up staying at the YMCA, which was approximately a 30 min. drive from there. Despite the bad weather and snowy roads, that facility was WONDERFUL!

The menu for the rehearsal dinner was chosen ahead of time. What was served, while it was delicious, was not what was ordered and there was no prior notification that there was a change made to the entire menu. 

The staff crashed the after party for the rehearsal dinner and the reception and helped themselves to the alcohol that the wedding party paid for.

The lunch that was served to the bridesmaids while we were getting ready for the wedding was a wrap consisting of last night's salad and what appeared to be canned chicken. They were disgusting. The food served over the entire weekend was either fantastic or really gross.

They charged everybody a service charge at the end when they were paying their bill that they did not bring up once before hand. The charge was 10% per person, per night. So the bridesmaids who stayed there two nights paid an $80 service charge on top of already ridiculous prices. Apparently this charge was tips for the staff.

I will say that once there, the staff was very friendly. They need to work on their phone skills. The ranch itself was beautiful, although the cabins and rooms were definitely not $200 per person, per night-worthy. It was still a beautiful wedding and my friends had fun despite all of the bumps in the road. I felt really bad for the bride. She kept apologizing for the staff at the ranch's behavior, even though it was not her fault and she couldn't do anything about it. Her family, especially her mother, were completely frustrated and drained of energy by the time the wedding took place because of all of the extra effort they had to put into making sure everything went smoothly.

I hope this helps anybody who is considering having their wedding here!
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