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Is a budget wedding possible in Denver?

Hi fellow brides!

My fiance and I are hoping to have our wedding next year in Denver, where we met. Most of his family lives there and they would probably not be able to attend if the wedding was anywhere else. My family will travel anywhere for my wedding. We live in Las Vegas now (where no members of either of our familes live...) and will be planning the wedding long-distance. 

My question to everyone out there is: is it possible to have a wedding on a budget in Denver? I'm talking $5-6K type budget. And that includes travel for ourselves and accommodations while we are in Denver. This $5-6 would also include: venue for reception, venue for ceremony, all food and beverage, cake, decorations, favors, invitations, dress, and tux rentals. The ring is already purchased and would not be included in the budget. 

We don't plan on having too large a wedding, I estimate 100 maximum, but its still early in our planning. We are not very elaborate people, but as we are both in the food and beverage industry we would not want to skimp in that area. 

Our biggest decision in whether we can afford to have a "destination" wedding in Denver or save some money in the travel department and have our wedding in Las Vegas, knowing my fiance's family will not likely be able to come. I'm trying to play the devil's advocate because I want his family to be there, but he is very concerned about the finances. 

Any help or advice you beautiful brides could offer is much appreciated. Thanks and happy planning to all!

-Caitlin in Las Vegas

Re: Is a budget wedding possible in Denver?

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    My wedding is between $5 and 6. \

    Our Reception is around $3....We are using a Hotel for our reception which they include:

    Honeymoon Suite with private Jacuzzi,
    champagne & strawberries, and
    Sweet Dreams bedding
    Complimentary champagne or cider
    toast for your guests
    Personalized wedding cake
    Complimentary hour of hors d’oeuvres
    Table centerpieces with glass mirror,
    hurricane vases & romantic candlelight
    Dance floor with D.J. station or bandstand
    Skirted cake, gift and head tables
    Choice of complimentary linens
    in select colors

    Their food is pretty reasonable as well. There is a $2,500 food and drink minumume we had to meet which was very easy to do so.

    PM Me if you want more info.
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    there are TONS of places in Denver, and the extended Denver metro that have all-inclusive packages for around 5k. There's the Crystal Rose locations; I've known people to do it at Embassy Suites; etc. Try the Denver board for more specific info. also, how much time are you planning on?

    There's lots of resources! And google is your FRIEND!

    Congrats, and gl!
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