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birch bark /vases

I am wondering if anyone knows where you can get birch bark or birch bark vases in Colorado. I know about save on crafts and etsy but would really like to see an actual product before we buy a bunch in bulk.



Re: birch bark /vases

  • Not sure about any local places but I did see an extensive collection of wood, including hollowed out birch logs, on a web site called accentdecor dot com.I bought my centerpiece vases from there and it was a little pricey and very high quality.

    Hope that helps!
  • My florist, Linda at Finishing Touches has some. I'll be renting them sept 1, so as long as you don't need them that day, see if you can rent them from her. http://finishingtouches1.net/ (oh, and her site sucks, but she's fantastic!)
  • Thanks, ladies for all the suggestions
     I actually got some from save on crafts they got a whole new shipment of them and they have all the different sizes I got two different sizes one that my florist will be using for the fresh flowers (this will be discounted off the price of our flowers as we are letting her keep the vases when the wedding is over so another bride can use them) and another that we will put our birch bark flowers in and engrave with a heart and our intials and wedding date so our guests can take them with them if they choose. 
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