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Has anyone had their wedding or been to a wedding at Aspen Lodge in Estes Park?  I am trying to plan our wedding in Colorado from Chicago, so it's not easy without seeing the venue.  Thanks!

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    I haven't but found some reviews on

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    I have been to a wedding and it was beautiful!! Its a very relaxing and romantic atmosphere. I also had my prom there. (I grew up in nederland) If you have any more questions about it feel free to email me. [email protected]

    the ceremony was facing a big rock fireplace. there is a big porch off the room with huge doors. Aspen trees and such. 

    good luck
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    THey have an awesome option to take your guests via wagon to the ceremony site - I thought that was really cool when we were looking. The drawbacks (for us) were that it required a higher minimum number of people than we were inviting/expecting and only did a buffet (not sure if either is still the case).
    FWIW, we chose Wild Basin - beautiful views as well, private, great food, high level of service (we were local, but all family out of state so that was important in the planning process for us) and no minimum at the time.
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    My brother was married there and he and my SIL had a gorgeous wedding outside. I believe PP said something about the wagon that will take you to that site.
    It's absolutely gorgeous there. FI & I thought about getting married there, but I am now moving to SC in 2 weeks.
    Best of luck and if I can be of any help let me know!
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    I'm getting married there in 4 weeks & its a beautiful location! We've been there several times at different times of year - a horse drawn sleigh ride in the winter, and cozy dinners by the fire. We've checked out the outdoor wedding sites during the summer & love them too. The staff are great & have bent over backwards to help us! I highly recommend them! Glad to hear all the amazing reviews from everyone else too...
    Have fun planning! 
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