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My loss could be your gain if you need an inexpensive ceremony & reception.

This is in pacific beach (san diego) ca. Its set for november 8 2009... but the date Can be changed. The package I purchased is for the chapel, reception, music,, coordinator, 2 entree buffet (with sides and salad), servers, plates, drinks, decorations. It comes with tables, linens, chairs. The minister fee. It holds up to 80 people. Its a really nice venue. The only think you would need to purchase or add to the package is a cake and flowers. They offer this there to add on or I can give you the contact to reasonably priced cake maker. I just don't think we are going to be able to do this. I've already paid a fair portion to the chapel... the rest just needs to be covered which is somewhere around 3,184$ which isn't due untill November. Or if we spoke to the coordinator it may not be due to closer to the date you reschedule it for. Usually its due 30 days before the event. I can get more details on that if anyone is interested. The original price was about 4200$ but I have already paid 1095$ on it and am willing to take the loss and let you have the venue for the remainder due.Please email me or myspace[email protected]'m not very aquainted with this board and wouldn't want to miss out on any responses. Thank you.
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