Twin Cities farmers market?

Hi ladies! I was curious if anyone has previously used the farmers market for part of their wedding flowers. I am getting married July 10th of this year and would love to have the option to use the farmers market. i like the look of many different flowers pulled together in a loose arrangement and am not really picky about specific colors. if anyone has some advice or tips i would love to hear it! thank you!

Re: Twin Cities farmers market?

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    I am having a family friend help arrange the flowers for our wedding in July. She does this stuff as more of a hobby but has done weddings in the past and really is great at what she does. I have never been to the farmers market but according to her you can get beautiful flowers for cheap! We are ordering flowers online for the boutiques (so she isn't having to do them last minutes). All other flowers for the centerpieces and decorations will be bought from here. I think if you aren't set on 1 type of flower or color this is the way to go. It will save you lots of money!
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    We are hoping to do FM flowers also.  We go yo the St. Paul Market just about every weekend in the summer and often buy a bouquet for about $5. There are many different venders. Last summer I even heard a lady speaking with a vender about getting boutonniere put together for the following weekend.  Cut flower venders might not show up at the marktets until at leaste late May.  I don't think too many of them have actual green houses.  I plan to start asking around for bulk prices and special request options as soon as they show up.
    Good Luck!  It's a great local and cheep way to do the flowers.
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