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We are looking for a reception site in the St. Cloud area. Any suggestions?

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    When? Inside/outside? Here's a few:

    Mulligan's (Sartell)
    Territory Golf Club (East St. Cloud)
    Radisson Hotel (downtown St. Cloud)
    Kelly Inn Hotel (downtown St. Cloud)
    Holiday Inn Hotel
    Munsinger Gardens-beautiful for ourdoors
    St. Cloud Country Club
    Red Carpet (they have a nice fairly new are for small events, maybe 100 ppl or so?)

    There's some to get you started!
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    400 Supper Club (South-west of St. Cloud)
    Mi Famiglia (downtown)
    Civic Center
    Joseph's (Avon)
    The Blue Heron (Cold Spring)
    Wapicada Golf Course (East St. Cloud)
    Henry's Catering & Banquet Center (Foley)
    Numerous Legions, VFWs and the Eagles Club, Moose Lodge

    I've checked out pretty much every one of them! :)
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    Our good friends had their reception at Mulligans....it was gorgeous!!
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    I looked into a few places in St. Cloud. We decided against because it would have been a bit of a drive, but these are the places that we looked into.

    400 supper club - out of town a ways, on a lake, but wasn't quite what I was looking for, it was a bit dated on the inside, and had sections, so if you had a large group, you might be separated.

    The Blue Heron (Cold Spring): about 20 minutes away from St. Cloud. It seemed pretty dark, but the food was cheaper than a lot of places, pictures I've seen from weddings held there just seemed really dark.

    The Holiday Inn: I really like the holiday inn, you get the huge conference center to yourself for weddings, plus the pool side room for the cocktail hour. My fiance's cousin had his wedding there, and I thought I might be really jealous, but I wasn't. The autosphere was nice, the food had small portions, it was okay, but I wasn't blown away.

    Mulligans: the other place that I was really looking into. It has a more outdoorsy feel, but it is beautiful, they seem really professional, and I'm sure their weddings are just nice. They have minimums for food and drink (if you wanted the smaller side I think it was $4000, the larger side, $6000, and both sides $12,000) don't quote me on those numbers, but off the top of my head that's what I remember, it was more that what we had budgeted to spend on food and drinks, since this doens't include the fee for the room either. If you can afford this place and like the autosphere, I would recommend this place!! They have chefs that make gourmet dinners that sounded and looked delicious!

    Radison downtown: small meeting space upstairs, I was there for a meeting for work last fall? and the ceiling was falling in, there were buckets all over the building because of the leaks. Not a positive experience there, but I've eaten at their restaurant a couple of times and there food was good.

    Mi Famiglia (downtown): didn't actually look at this place while looking for receptions places, but went there for the first time over christmas. They had delicious food, we got off on the wrong floor and walked into a reception for someone, this place seems like the most "glam" place in St. Cloud if that is what your looking for. It seemed really nice, but I'm sure it would be more expensive than some of the other options in St. Cloud.

    Good luck!

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    Trust me...Radisson is all better now (at least it has been every time I've been there)!!! Food is great! The ballroom can be broken down into sections for small groups, but the entire room itself is good size. There is a room across hall from the ballroom for a social hour (equivalent to a pool side for drinks). Room rentals are free with minimum food of I believe $5000.

    Mi Familia is extravigant, nice decor and $$$$$$. I checked it out, but my date only had the basement room available which wasn't too appealing. The ballroom on the top floor seems better.

    Mulligans is the most popular in the area (from what I can tell) and you may have issues booking, 2010 is full for Saturdays and into spring 2011. It's right over a golf course so very pretty in the summer. It's all log building and can be decorated beautifully.

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    Blackberry Ridge is another one in Sartell, MN.  Simple but elegant setting, a little less expensive than Mulligans
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    I am getting married in St. Augusta and we are having our Reception at the Kelly Inn...  It was a perfect fit for us... We wanted a hotel since most of our guests are coming from out of town - Sue the onsite coordinater and her staff are amazing!! It is a one stop shop with affordable catering and bar.
    Here are the things included :
    1. They even give you a room to hold the grooms dinner the night before
    2. A room to open gifts in the morning.
    3. 2 hr Cocktail Time by the pool
    4. Tables for DJ, Placement Cards, Gift Table, Guest Book and lets not forget guests :-) (they have 10 and 12 ppl tables depending on # of guest)
    5. Linens for tables (ivory or white)
    6. Cloth Napkins in a dozen different colors
    7. All dishware and silverware, including flute glasses for every guest to toast
    8. Mic for you and your guests
    9. The will hold rooms for you and your guest and give a wedding discount to them.
    - They do require you to use the onsite carterer/cooking staff but the menu is very diverse and offer buffer or plate at very affordable prices
    -They allow you to stay unil 1 AM
    - If people want to continue to party they can go downtown which is just 1.5 blocks (at most) away
    - I also forgot they are right on the river and have some very pretty views!!

    I looked into 400 Super Club but they will not close down the restaurant for less than 300 ppl (meaning you are sharing your reception with anyone who wants to come- even though you provide the  band/dj) and you have to pay extra. They also will not serve dinner later than 5pm (having a wedding at 2 pm - dinner at 5 would not have given us a cocktail hour or time to breathe) its a beautiful location but the strick rules are not worth it!!

    I worked at the Holiday Inn during High School and always thought they would be an awesome fit - So I called and set up an appointment 2.5 weeks later when my apt time came up I brought my Mother and soon to be mother in law and when I got there they said they booked a conference the wknd of my wedding so they couldn't do it- Really.. I call would have been appreciated. They even recommended I change my date- Umm with a Fiance in the Military - It isn't going to happen Lady!

    The Civic Center also charges you 6.5% sales tax for everything you bring into the site- so that was a deal breaker for me.

    Well I hope this helps- There isn't a lot of options in St. Cloud and I knew right away which ones were not going to work.
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