Can you identify this wedding location?

Hi all,

I saw this really pretty wedding shoot on a blog: http://edenphotography.biz/?paged=2 - the wedding is the 2nd entry from the top. 

I want to know where this is in Southen MN! I've emailed the photographer and she doesn't remember and I've tried googling with various "red barn" key words and have turned up nothing.

Does anyone know where this is? Thanks!

Re: Can you identify this wedding location?

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    I would say since the photographer is out of Fargo/North Dakota, it is probably southwestern MN. I know it is not in SE MN. Also, it says in her description that it is a state park, so that helps a bit. Good luck!
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    yep, i saw and have been looking at the state park websites in various parts of southern mn, but most don't have very good photos of things other than the hiking trails :)
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    This has a map of MN w/all the state parks. Maybe that will give you something to search from?
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    You could just email the photographer. Or did they not respond?

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    As I stated in my original post, I emailed the photographer and she doesn't remember where it was.
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    First of all, it seems kind of lame to me that this photographer can't figure out where she traveled to for a wedding that just took place last October.  This just seems like something one would have documented in the course of their business transactions. Ok, off my soap box.

    I think I may have figured out which waterfall they were photographed in front of.  I think it is Winnewissa Falls in Pipestone National Monument (http://www.nps.gov/pipe/index.htm).  Here is a photo from the park service site for comparison and it looks like the same foot bridge to me.  If this is indeed the site, the ceremony spot can't be too far away. 
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    if the photographer doesn't remember, then the photographer sucks.  she doesn't have any notes of where she shot a wedding? 
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    thank you quincygirl77 - i will check out that link right now!

    and believe me, i was as incredulous as anyone that the photographer said she had no idea and couldn't get a hold of the bride. i mean - can't she just look at her planner and see where she had to go that day?!  it's a mystery. a ridiculous mystery.
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              "This is in Pipestone Minn at the Song of Hiawatha Pageant Grounds"
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