I need some input!!

Ok, so I have some wedding planning jitters lol. I think it is because I am not sure how to go about all of this haha! For starters, my flower girl is 7 years old and I am trying to think of some non traditional unique ways for her to walk down the aisle for the wedding. Do I have her throw petals or what? What are some other things I could have her do?

Nextly, we are having our wedding reception at a park. We want to do something simple as far as food goes. We were thinking of turkey, or ham sandwhiches. Along with Salads. Then we were thinking of having like a snack table with Cheese Crackers, Sausage and cookies or something for them to eat as they go through out the evening since there will be alcohol. Then we have wedding cake. Does that sound too lame? If so what ways can I brighten that up a bit? I am open for anything.

Lastly, we can do alcohol at the park and I can get a deal through my fiancees work for it so what would a good suggestion be for the alcohol (a couple kegs will be needed) also, as far as how to distribute would it be a good idea to hire someone from a bar to work the alcohol bar?

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    I dunno what you could do for your Flower Girl. Our church wont let us throw petals so she is just walking down with a basket with a mini flower arrangement.

    I would ask the ladies on the msp/st paul board for more ideas!!
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    Some cute ideas I've heard for the flower girl are have her hold balloons in your wedding colors or even a mini flower arrangment!
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    At my sister's wedding, the flower girl held a basket of long stemmed flowers. As she walked down the aisle, she would give away a flower, to someone sitting near the aisle. Everyone thought it was adorable. I wouldn't suggest roses (thorns). Perhaps carnations, tulips or daisies?
    As for the reception food, what about wrap sandwiches? Check with your local grocery store deli or try Costco. I would offer a variety, ham,turkey and roast beef, for your guests.
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    1. Flower girl: What if she blew bubbles? I've seen people do that as they are leaving the church but what little girl doesn't like to blow bubbles???? (Also it is park friendly since they restrict alot of items)

    2. Sandwich/cheese/crackers, etc.: Cheese starts to get kinda funky after a short while, but if you have a good cooling idea I think it woudl be yummy!

    3. Alcohol: Since it seems like you are going pretty relaxed,  I would go with dispensers of pre-mixed drinks. Like spiked lemonade or tea. You can make it look really pretty and guests would be able to serve themselves adn you coudl cut the cost of hiring someone to serve it.
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    Ok I need another question answered.

    Our ceremony is at 1:30 pm and the reception following. How do I go about timing things perfectly so my guests don't get bored? We are having a dance with a DJ but I have no clue how to go about anything. I feel so retarded. I could really use guidance.
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