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HI ladies, I was wondering if anyone knows a salon that does nice acrylic or gel nails- I don't know which looks nicer either so I'm open for suggestions, but I want nice nails where they don't shave them down a bunch and destroy my nails.  I live in St.Paul and it would be nice to keep close by- my wedding is next week!
Thanks ladies!

Re: GOOD nails

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    Krystal Nails in Hopkins/Minnetonka does a nice acrylic gel nail - I really like doing the light pink gel with a rounded tip. Looks very natural, hard to tell they're acrylic! It's a little more expensive (around $40) than a regular manicure but gives it a nice shine and dries super fast!
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    If you have the length of nail you want I would go the Axuum Gel Nail Polish route. Its your real nail with gel polish that hardens as is the same as the acrylic but it doesn't take your nail with it.

    Problem is it doesn't add length in case you want longer nails for your day. I got mine done at Nail Montage in Maple Grove but have heard other places closer to St. Paul do them just don't recall names of salons.
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