Chanhassen Dinner Theater?

Hi ladies! I am wondering if anyone has ever been to or had their wedding at the Chanhassen dinner theater? I am thinking about booking this venue for both the ceremony and reception and would love to hear any pros or cons.  Thanks!!

Re: Chanhassen Dinner Theater?

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    Con: It's rather smelly and the decor is pretty old. I've been to a comedy show there and I remember the place had a really odd odor. But it may be worth checking out. It was almost a year ago that I went so it could've changed and there may be less smelly rooms available.
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    Thanks kmlouthan, I'll keep that in mind!!
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    I have to disagree with PP.  I am getting married there in Oct. and have toured mulitple times.  I haven't noticed a smell and the decor in the small dinner theater has been updated.  Now it is a very netural look so it will be easy to add decorations that fit our wedding "theme".  We were able to see it decorated and set up for a wedding and I thought it was lovely.  We are getting married in the fireside theater and having the reception in the smaller dinner theather.  There are a couple different places to get married and to have the reception.  I would recommend you look into it.  The package wasn't bad either - comes with a lot of things you won't have to worry about i.e caterer, wedding cake (they have a contract with buttercream) and a DJ.  I also like that there is a hotel adjacent to the theater for guest that is reasonably priced.  Good Luck!
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