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Hi ladies, 

I have a unique need for our wedding, my daughter who will be just shy of 17 when we get married and she is Deaf.  I called one of the referral agencies in the Twin Cities and it's going to cost nearly $500 to hire an interpreter for the day.  We are getting married up on Lake Kabetogama in Orr, MN so Mileage is the biggest expense for hiriing an interpreter.  

I'm also an ASL interpreting student myself and know a few interpreters who may do this for us but how do I ask them without sounding like I'm asking them to come and work for free.  I don't want to step on anyone's toes and I ultimately will pay what I have to to make this day special for my daughter.  I can't really ask students I'm in class with because they're not proficient enough to properly interpret for a wedding.  

There's a lot of women here, have any of you had to hire an interpreter for your wedding?

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Re: Sign Language interpreter

  • I haven't had to hire an interpreter as I don't have anyone in my family who is deaf. However, my mother was a sign language interpreter. I would suggest calling the local public schools and see if they can refer you to someone local who is an interpreter. Often times schools have special education teachers who are trained or substitute teachers who may be available to help. That may be more affordable than paying someone to travel. Otherwise you could call the disability linkage line.
  • I grew up in Faribault MN, where the MN school for the deaf is, and my initial thought is to call them.  Also, my home church there always had interpreters for services, and could likely give you numerous referrals - Our Saviors Luthern Church in Faribault MN, I am positive they would be extremely open to helping you make connections.
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