What did you put in your OOT bags?

I am looking for ideas of what people put in their OOT guest bags in Cincinnati. I was thinking some Esther Price candy, a bag of Husmans chips, and not sure what else!

Re: What did you put in your OOT bags?

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    Grippos, pringles, uc bearcat key chain, Graeter gc or Skyline Chili gc

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    I would be careful with gift cards.  If your guests are in from OOT, they're probably going to be on a very tight schedule and may not be able to take advantage of it. :(  Keep the bags small so you don't have to fill them with as much.  Maybe include a Cincy magnet, a small can of Skyline (most Kroger stores have them I think), a bottle of Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce, buckeye candies...  You could even raid those brochure stands in hotels that have all the things to do in that area (maybe just grab a couple of the cool, non-tacky places).  Maybe even a post card or something with a short history of the city.  HTH
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    We didn't do any cinci stuff, but if you contact this company you can get up to 70 free visitors guides for the city http://www.cincinnatiusa.com/Brochure/bulk.asp
    If we had had enough time before the wedding we would have put those in.
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    The only Cincy-related item I used was Hussman Chips.  Previously for Christmas presents I gave my siblings baskets with a can of Skyline, Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce and LaRosa's spaghetti sauce, but I don't know that they really used any of it.

    In addition to the chips (which I found at Costco), I put in bottled water, granola bars, microwave popcorn (hotel rooms had a kitchenette), apples and clementines.
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    by the way, this is the perfect thing to have someone else do!  my future mother in law is doing ours.
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    We did two bottles of water, advil, tylenol, black&white cookies (NY), grippos potato chips (Cinti), nature valley granola bar, mints, and a few other things that I can't remember.

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