Bachelor Party Ideas? -From the Bride:)

Okay so I know that most Brides probably want their fiance to really behave at their bachelor party... But, my fiance deserves a fun night out with the boys! He's treated me so well the 5 years that I've known him, and I have no worries about him misbehaving or doing something I wouldn't approve of.  His two best friends aren’t really the best party planners and are having a hard time coming up with something fun for his bachelor party. They do want it to be a night to remember thoughJ  They’re looking to go to Cincinnati in late June/early July for a night (or two) and maybe spend a day golfing (or doing some fun leisurely activity) and then spend a night out on the town.  I’m looking for any (and all) ideas.  They are on a bit of a budget (just fresh out of college).  So I’m just trying to see what ideas and suggestions I can come up with to send their way. There will be about 8 guys. I tried looking into house rentals as well as hotels, but I’m not even sure what hotels would be the best to stay at.  Another idea was to rent a limo or party bus (but once again they’re on a budget) So if you have any ideas send them my way!

Re: Bachelor Party Ideas? -From the Bride:)

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    What about going to the casino? I know my FI loves that idea. It wouldn't cost a lot (just however much they were willing to lose).
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    I would say a weekend at the new Hollywood Casino or Belterra. Start the day off with a couple rounds of golf then dinner and gambling? They could get a really nice room there for the 8 of them (or 2 rooms) and make it a fun weekend get-a-way?
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    If he's into Sports - there are small suits you can rent at the Reds stadium - which comes with beer and food and such. Golf during the day - Reds at night (pre-game for clubbing maybe?) - and then out downtown afterwards? Or just catch the shuttle over to Newport and enjoy that night. This way he has the entire day - golfing/relaxing, Reds game and beer, then partying/clubbing afterwards. If only we were getting married during baseball season - that's my man's perfect bachelor party/day.
    Good luck!! :)
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    What about golfing, then hitting up the downtown bars/clubs. A bus is a little to big for only 8 people i think
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    I would recommend getting 2 rooms at a hotel downtown.  I know the Hyatt and Hilton have both had good pricing when I stayed there for bachelorette parties.  They could golf during the day (may have to head out of the city a little bit for this part) from both those hotels they would be able to walk to several restaurants for dinner and clubs/bars to party.  By being in walking distance it would save on not renting a party bus or limo.

    I also really really like the idea of the Reds game.  I think that would be super cool!  I'm going to mention it to my fiance.
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    I have been to a bachelorette party downtown and we stayed at the Milennium (spelling??) they have a roof top pool and a bar, prices are very reasonable...so you could lay out and swim all day and do a reds game that night and bars after! Sounds like a fun night to me :)
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