reception venues- within budget---?

Im not from UTAH and we are getting married in a huge traditional wedding in RI in 2012-- we are having about 150 ppl and getting married in Newport (a seaside town)

But... We want to also have a small reception in Utah for those that cant make it....

Can anyone supply me with a reception venue that offers the following options:
Space for about 25
Is unique
is budget friendly (we prob want to spend less than 2500 bucks total or up to 125 pp)
Serves Alcohol

Any nice restaurants in the area of SLC that you would suggest? Or a hotel with a smaller ballroom-- I looked online but dont see liek a Ritz, or Hilton or anything like that
Ive stayed at the Red lion-- and thats ok-- so some kind of hotel around that range maybe?
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Re: reception venues- within budget---?

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