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How are you paying for your honeymoon?


Re: How are you paying for your honeymoon?

  • I don't think this has been mentioned so I'll throw it out there.

    You can also consider Honeymoon Registeries (although I know some people find them to be tacky it works for many many people)


    If that doesn't work I'd save as much as you can and do something low-key. You can have an amazing honeymoon close to home without the expense of airfare. There are also great deals on cruises! There are definite ways to have an amazing and memorable honeymoon even if it isn't EXACTLY what you had pictured.

  • Oops just saw the posts about Honeymoon Registries and "MIss Manners" just wanted to throw out there that I wouldn't find it rude at all. Let's be real. MOST guests will want to bring a gift to a wedding (some don't, but MOST do) and MOST people want to give a gift to the bride and groom that they will LOVE. A honeymoon can be just that. The times are changing and there's no reason to follow "rules" if someone doesn't want to contribute to your honeymoon they don't have to. Providing the OPTION isn't rude at all.  Do what feels best for you and don't listen to the haters!
  • First off sorry everyone is bashing you about asking your FI's parents... I read that it also is traditional...

    I don't know what your financial situation is, but my FI and I have it planned that his paychecks are for us to live off of and my measly little checks are going into savings to pay for our honeymoon.  We really wanted to use our passports and go somewhere but out budget doesn't allow us.  We are going to Hawaii and I found a studio on VRBO.com that is $600 for 8 days.  Also, we aren't registering anywhere for gifts.   If people want to give us gifts we are asking for money to help pay for our honeymoon (and depending on how much we get) saving some for a down payment on a house!

    So hopefully some of this helps you out a litte! Definitely don't take out a loan! I know what it's like being in debt and it's lame! :)
  • WOW!  She came on the board to find some help and all she got was a bunch on GIRLS waiting to tear her down. I asked my FIL for help and they helped!!! I'm sure she will never come here for help anymore and thanks to you ladies she most likely feels really bad. So many of you told her to " Grow up" do you think that you have? Grown ups don't come together just to bash on one person!!! You girls grow up and find God to becasue you all are just a bunch of High schoolers !!!! This board is for help and I don't think any of you have help anyone!!

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: How are you paying for your honeymoon? : This is the same as asking for cash and even worse than OP asking FI's parents pay for the honeymoon. With a HM registry you are asking your guest to give cash to pay for your honeymoon. Asking for cash gifts is never appropriate even when you disguise the request as a HM registry.  People already know that cash is a great gift and don't need to be asked for it.
    Posted by MNVegas[/QUOTE]

    We're doing a Honeyfund too... and if you read updated etiquette it is completely appropriate to have a honeymoon registry.  However, just like any other registry you can't ASK for it, mention it on invitations, etc... All the normal registry protocol.
    "A honeymoon is a perfectly appropriate gift to request," says Peter Post, president of the Emily Post Institute, a Burlington, Vt., etiquette think tank. "There's no objection to it from an etiquette point of view."
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    I would never ask my fiance's parents for money to send us on vacation.  A honey moon is what you make of it.  IT does not have to be some huge elaborate trip to fiji.  We are from MAssachusetts and we are going to the White Mountains which is 2 hours near by.  It will be around 500$.  In a year or so when we can afford it we are going some place more elaborate such as Costa Rica.  I just graduated college last MAy.  We are paying for it ourselves which is why we waited a year to get married.
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    [QUOTE You girls grow up and find God
    Posted by TeamArrebato[/QUOTE]

    Why...is he missing? Poor God. You'd think the Creator of the World would have a fabulous GPS system.
  • the advice i was given was to wait a week or two or even a month to take my honeymoon which we will be waiting at least a week or two. we will also be paying for the wedding and honeymoon ourselves with some help some my parents. my suggestion is to wait and maybe use the money you get from your wedding towards a honeymoon. :)

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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: How are you paying for your honeymoon? : [QUOTE You girls grow up and find God Posted by TeamArrebato[/QUOTE] Why...is he missing? Poor God. You'd think the Creator of the World would have a fabulous GPS system.
    Posted by AFP07[/QUOTE]

    I <3 you.  I literally LOL'd
  • I'm in a very similar situation. We're finishing up school, my parents are paying for the wedding, and I've always dreamed of a wonderful honeymoon. Not getting a wonderful honeymoon would be incredibly sad.
    His parents told him that it's his responsibility to pay for the honeymoon, so he has. I've always been under the impression that its the groom's responsibility to pay for it, but it's not uncommon for his parents to offer to help. After his parents told him they couldn't/wouldn't help, we started saving. And we didn't have much to save with anyway. You're right, loans would be an unwise decision for a honeymoon.
    He booked a flights and four days on the East coast somewhere. Not the honeymoon I'd always imagined--I had assumed it would be a full week. And yeah, I was disappointed at first. Your first trip together (ever for us) is realy special, especially for me who loves to travel. We are also virgins, so setting the perfect mood is important too. :-)
    However, my thought is that you guys should start saving as best you can and go with what you can afford. And you will probably not want to leave your bed much anyway (it IS a honeymoon, right?) so you don't have to go to Europe.
    After we get back, I think we're hanging out in our new apartment for three or four days and not seeing anyone--kind of an extension to our short honeymoon, and I am excited about that.
    Other people answering you have be uneccesarily harsh. It's okay to be disappointed. But I think once you have everything planned, all you will think about is kissing him :-)
  • I would say if you can't afford it then you can't afford it and that's the end of the discussion. Feeling like the two HAVE to be tied together or doing it because everyone you know did it (especially when they probably weren't in your particular situation) is going to put you in an untenable position. Wait and do it on your first anniversary to "cap" your marriage year, If you can't afford it, there's not much you can do.

    As for me, I'm paying for the wedding and my FI is paying for the honeymoon, and we're willing to take out a loan. But we don't have the kind of bills you do. Alternatively, find a lovely bed and breakfast within a couple hours of where you live, and take a few days. It would be cheaper than Bora Bora.
  • Up until recently we were planning to take a delayed honeymoon for many reasons. My father is paying for a majority of the wedding. My mother and step father are contibuting as well as my fiance's parents. I would not ask for any more than they offered (which is already more than enough!). We know that we are very fortunate to not have to contribute much money to our wedding and as we are having an expensive wedding we thought it only fair to pay for the honeymoon ourselves. We had opted to wait because 1. we are getting married in June- going south would be ridiculously hot. 2. It would give us more time to save for the trip and be better timing so we could get settled after the marriage. 3. My fiance has harvest through the fall and has the first couple months of the year off. So, by January it would work for our schedules, we would be ready to go somewhere warm and it would give us more time to save for the trip! I love the idea of the "jet-set" honeymoon right after the wedding but that is becoming less popular now days as it's just not reasonable for most people's budget. With all that said- I was very happy with our decision, but as we (already are) and contiue to be extremely blessed, fortunate and loved my aunt very graciously offered to give us a honeymoon as our wedding gift. A cruise through Nova Scotia! The weather is mild and delightful in June and we are looking forward to lots of outdoor activities and nice dinners surrounded by beautiful scenery:) I would DEF NOT get a loan to pay for it though. I would not ask anyone else to foot the bill. I would save and do what you can afford. Even if that means driving to a nearby city and staying a long weekend. Geography doesn't make it less of a honeymoon. My fiance and I really like road trips together actually!
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    My fiance and I bugeted for our wedding AND honeymoon.  We have been engaged for over a year and are getting married this March.  We have saved for the past year for our special day with no one's help.  We are not charging one single thing on our credit card for our wedding/honeymoon.  We are paying cash for everything--NO loans.  By saving for over ayear, we are having a basic, but very romantic and elegant wedding and we are honeymooning in Spain and southern France this summer.  We did all this by saving our own money and working extra hours at work if we could.  My parents, nor my fiance's parents are paying for anything towards our wedding.The two of you should hold off on your honeymoon until you are both financially stable to afford one yourselves.  It is not anyone's responsibilty to finance your honeymoon.  That is the responsibility of the couple getting married.
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  • With money we saved.
  • My parents own a time share that they have offered up, which was above and beyond what we expected.  However, my FH and I recently took a trip prior to being engaged down to Jamaica.  We stayed at Secrets (an all inclusive resort) on the shoulder season and it only cost us about $3k, airfare and hotel for a week. It was a beautiful resort, and all our drinks and dinning was included in the price. 

    Paying for it yourself might seem like a huge expense, but there are certainly ways to get away for a honeymoon on the cheap without sacrificing too much "luxury".  I would suggest Mexico or seeking out a deal in the caribbean.  Cruises are also a very economical (as far as honeymoons go) option to escape after the wedding.  Sailings out of Florida tend to be pretty cheap because there are so many sailings from that port.

    A little online research can help you save some serious money.
  • I personally do believe that straight out of college, before you have ANY experience living in the real world, is too young to get married.  OP is from Arkansas, which, according to statistics, has the 3rd youngest median marriage age in the country, so this is perhaps not surprising in terms of where she is coming from.  However, here in NY, and in the northeast in general, it is VERY odd for someone to get married straight out of college - the median marriage age in my state is 30.  Everyone I know has waited until they have lived on their own, gotten a graduate degree, and a steady job before even considering marriage.

    I feel that the OP's complaints about honeymoon finances simply show that a 22 year old often has her prorities mixed up.  

  • I have to disagree with Kara811.  If you are having a traditional ceremony, which sounds like you are (to a point) that your parents are paying for the ceremony ($$$), then it is the groom's family responsibility to pay for the HM.  It would be rude to ask your fiance family, but they should offer since your parents are paying for the wedding again ($$$).  My to be in-laws are not paying for ours, even though 90% of the guests at the wedding is his side and my parents are footing the bill for almost the entire wedding.  What they are not paying for me and my FI are.  (sorry for the venting - a sore spot for me).
  • My wedding is in Sept of this year and me and my fi are paying for that AND our honeymoon on our on. We first looked into a sandals resort but they were super expensive so we looked into a cruise instead. We're going on a 5 day to the Cayman islands and Jamaica and bc it's hurricane season in sept over there we pushed our honeymoon to Dec. So that gave us more time to save for spending money. You should really look into a cruise bc it ended up costing us about $750--good deal to me:) #goodluck
  • They actually have websites where your wedding guest can pay for your honeymoon instead of buying you gifts. Maybe you should lookninto that.
  • I'm in the exact same situation (we're graduating in May, getting married in June). I didn't read all of the replies, but we are going on a smaller trip, just driving there and going to a bed and breakfast or something and enjoying the scenery. Our basic goal for the honeymoon is just to get away and spend time with each just other. We plan to go on a bigger trip next year for our one year anniversary once we have more money.
  • As someone who suggested a honeyfund earlier in this post, I'm completely disgusted by the responses. Sounds like the people lecturing on ettiquite may need to take a look at their own. People who are that uptight and insensitive won't be attending my wedding.

    Not everyone has the money.. especially if paying for their own wedding. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't SAVE. But ladies, please... have some perspective. Some people don't need dishes..
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