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Honeymoon Checklist

We started completing our checklist of things for the honeymoon.

So far we have
-contact insurance companies to verify out of country coverage
-contact phone company to discuss international options
-registered with the STEP program
-sent copies of iternary, drivers licenses and passports to parents

Are we missing any other big things?

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Re: Honeymoon Checklist

  • Call your bank to let them know you will be out of the country so they won't be alarmed if charges are made to your account from a strange place.

    Call to confirm reservations and flights.
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    Where are you going? 

    I agree with calling the bank if you plan to use your credit cards/debit cards/ATM cards out of the country.  I called Bank of America before we left and they STILL put a hold on my account when I tried to charge something large in Bermuda, but a quick call fixed everything.
  • We are going to St. Lucia...

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  • I always make a list of important phone numbers for my credit cards/bank card.  The # for calling from outside the US or for calling collect is on the back of the card, but if it is lost or stolen it is trickier to figure out how to call them!

    I also include the phone numbers for the hotel and airline.
  • That's a good idea with the bank. We got calls when we booked the trip for "suspicious activity"..which was appreciated but also annoying.
    June 16, 2012
  • Good  call on the bank...I typically have to do this every time I leave my "home area" so I am used to it.  We go to Philly every 3-4 months and every now and then I forget. So I will be sure to put it on my list :)

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