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Secrets St. James, room category?

We are thinking of booking our honeymoon for October at Secrets St. James in Jamaica. I have read some other posts that people liked the resort. I am wondering if we should spend the extra money to stay in the "Preferred" room category or if there standard Junior Suites would be just as nice? We would like the dinner on the beach that you get with the Preferred room with our honeymoon but thinking we would be able to just purchase our own when we get there and it would still be less money. Please let me know your opions or experiences. Thanks

Re: Secrets St. James, room category?

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    We are going there in July....don't do preferred...it's not worth it, you don't really get anything great and it's more money. Travelocity is giving a $200 resort coupon which u can use towards the spa or towards dinner on the beach!
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    We ended up booking our for October! We recieved that also. My mom is a travel agent so we booked thru her. She told me not to pay the extra for it but I wasnt sure at the time. Glad we didnt spend the extra money on it though. It looks gorgeous I'm looking forward to it. Have a wonderful time

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