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FI and I have finally picked a destination for our January honeymoon. We decided to go to South America. We've heard amazing things about Buenos Aires and all the beach towns in Uruguay. Can anybody recommend any other towns/hotels/resorts? The two things we wanted from this vacation are culture, history and beaches. My only concern is travelling from place to place. If we were going to go from Buenos Aires to Montevido or Ponta Del Este, how's the best way to go? 
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Re: South American honeymoon

  • Nope I can't give you any advice but that sounds like an awesome honeymoon! I've always wanted to go to S.A.
    June 16, 2012
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    I haven't been to South America yet but we're planning a trip and getting help from Isabel, a local planner in buenos aires who comes highly recommended on the Fodors travel forum. Contact info: [email protected]. I'd also recommend the Fodors South American board in general for lots of detailed advice and trip reports. Good luck!
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    It will definitely be HOT in Argentina / Uruguay in January, and Buenos Aires will be a little deserted since a lot of porteños (people in Buenos Aires) head to the beach that month. That means that some restaurants and cultural/historical sites (of which there are PLENTY!) will have limited hours, so call ahead before you set out from the hotel. The beaches, though, should be HAPPENING (especially Puuntaa del Este)!

    In terms of travel, buses in Argentina are nice (because train travel is not popular and flying is expensive) and are great for traveling within the country (for example to go to San Antonio de Areco to see las pampas, which is worth a day trip!). To get to Montevideo (2 hours from BA) or Colonia (a colonial town just an hour away from BA), consider taking the Buquebus (which is actually a ferry). From either of those places (both worth a look, though Colonia only for about 1/2 day), you can take a bus to Puuntaa del Este (about another 1.5 - 2 hours). Traveling in Argentina / between Argentina and Uruguay is pretty manageable.

    P.S. The post editor is telling me to edit or remove the first word in the name of the Uruguayan beach town. I guess that word is too close to a sassy word in Spanish??? Geez! How sensitive!
  • everything suggested above me is good info:)I am argentine and would like to add as an American you have to pay a "visa" fee it's about $150 to enter Argentina. this goes with Uruguay as well so don't be shocked when they charge you to enter the country. 
    January is the middle of summer so everyone is on vacation in Mar del Plata or puntadel este( love to tan and show off good bodies)bsas will indeed be empty but it's also a busy time for tourist from other s. American countries and other places to go visit. bsas is a big big city so you will still have a good time and have a lot to do. Lot's of culture, food and a good time! consider going to iguazu it's amazing there.
    if you want to do a more than one country you can consider a cruise. They stop at some places in brasil, Uruguay and argentina for a great deal. brasil has some of the most beautiful beaches! rio or bahia both amazing!

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