Figured I would share the news lol I am on a budget so I like to share things when I find them.  It has been extremely difficult for me to find a good photographer for under $2000.  Everyone seems to be way over charging and I am just looking to get someone whose great without the high price.  I asked around and got refered to Krista.  She is a newer photographer but she is absolutely amazing!!  She is so fun to work with, great sense of humor, and best of all she is SUPER affordable.  She also just started working with a DJ and they have a package price put together so you can get a DJ and your photography for super inexpensive!  Check her out on facebook, she doesn't have all her pictures up there yet, but talk to her I promise you won't be dissapointed.!/pages/Photography-By-Krista/136072143118194

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    I'm surprised to hear that you think $2,000 + is overcharging, considering the area we are in.  H and I paid a lot more than that, but we're so thoroughly pleased with what we got that we never felt overcharged at all.  You get what you pay for. 

    Of course, our "expensive" photographer had to start out somewhere, and once upon a time her rates were much lower, too.  I hope Krista works out for you, if you go with her!
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    An experience photographer for under $2000 is definitely a tough find in our area.  Even though FI and I wanted to keep costs down, we found a more expensive photographer that we loved and ended up splurging because the photos are what will last us through the years, so we want them to be quality.

    Hopefully your photographer is as amazing as she sounds for your big day! :)
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    lol, well I guess I think that 2k+ is expensive because I am paying for my own wedding.  You get what you pay for is a saying, but expensive isn't always better is another.  There are plenty of people out there that are even better than the 5k photographer that do it because it inspires then and because they have passion for it, not because it drives money into their wallet.  I would rather have a photographer that takes pride in what she does and does it because she loves it, not because she gets a big fat check from it.  I am so glad that the pictures came out well for you, but in all seriousness if you looked around at some other photographers that you hear about from word from mouth and not fancy bridal shows etc. you prob could have gotten similar quality work for way less :)
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    In all fairness, H and I never really researched our photographer because we knew we wanted to hire ours even before we started wedding planning.  Our photographer had already shot several of our good friends' weddings (which we had also been guests at/part of the bridal parties for) so we knew she was reliable, she did excellent work and captured our friends' weddings in a style we like as well.  We went with her because she was a sure bet.

    I think good wedding photography includes a great many things: (1) the experience, raw talent and style of the photographer, (2) the photographer's working philosophy, (3) his/her editing capabilities and tools, (4) value- what your package includes at the end of the day.  For us, we really wanted to be able to have access and rights to the photos after all was said and done, so that we could print them at will rather than buying from the photographer each time we wanted reprints.  In addition, when we print and reprint the photos (and when our family and friends print and reprint them), the photographer's name does not appear on the photo, so we truly can print them and frame them at will, as we like. 

    Incidentally, H and I had dinner with some friends the other night who said that, when they married in 2007 in VA, they paid about $2,000 for photos and at the end of it they received no digital images, just prints only.  H and I would not have been okay with that, when all was said and done, and we paid for our wedding, too.  (Of course, we had a $320 flower budget, and cut down on other expenses to as to be able to afford our dream photographer.)  I'm not saying it isn't possible to find a decent photographer for $2,000, even in CT, but it may take a bit more legwork and research to find one who has the talent but not yet the name and the fame. 

    GL with everything!
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    I'm glad you found a photographer you love that fits within your budget--and glad you stuck to your budget! We're in a similar situation where we're paying for most of our wedding ourselves and are trying to stick to a budget (we just booked our photographer, Tim from TAB Photographic, about a month ago). Some photographers we talked to would say they "understood we wanted to try to stick to our budget", yet wouldn't budge on their price--which does make it seem like they're in it more for the money (even though they may have gotten into photography because they have a passion for it). I'm a designer so I was pretty critical when looking into photographers--I agree that it was really tough to find a talented, passionate photographer who would actually work with our budget. If you really look around though (at some of the ones who aren't necessarily huge yet and still getting their names out there), there are photographers who are really talented, who care about their work and their clients, and will adjust their prices a little if you simply ask. Ours typically charges more, but once I told him what we were looking for, he agreed to work with our budget. Best of luck!!
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