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Has anyone used or had a trial with Marlon (hair) or Tara (makeup) of Beauty Entourage?

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    Nope. But I am using BE and Ashley is doing my hair and Iralis doing my makeup.
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    Ashley is doing my hair and Iralis was supposed to do my make up but something must have come up so Tara is my new make up person. I had my trial a couple weeks ago and it went great. I never wear make up so I went with the air brush and I told her I wanted it to be very natural looking. She really listened to me and I was happy with it. If you want me to send you pictures give me your e-mail and I'll send a few.
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    I have met Marlem at the salon and she is very nice. She is coming with Ashley this Saturday to also do hair for some of the girls in my party.
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    Hamna at is really good. her prices are also reasonable and she comes to you. she is also on palette.

    i have seen her work at weddings and it was really good. you can always email her to ask about your makeup at [email protected]

    good luck!

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