Mohegan Sun Winefest

This might be a longshot, but has anyone ever attended the Winefest at Mohegan Sun? I plan on buying tickets for the main tasting event, but am wondering how it works. I know a one day pass is $70, and looks like you need to buy 'food tickets', but just wondering how the wine tasting works. If we have to pay extra for it? If we get a certain number of tasting tickets, etc. 

If anyone has been and has any info, please let me know! TIA!
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Re: Mohegan Sun Winefest

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    I've been to them and you do pay your one day ticket and that covers all of your wine tasting in the MAIN room. There are over a hundred vendors that carry different wines, sparkling wines and socki (not sure of spelling). You get one wine glass that you carry around with you and stop at the booths that you want to try. Water buckets are around so you can rinse your glass before each sample.
    They have food samples as well that you can try but you have to pay for food tickets. The only down side to it is how crowded it gets. Be prepared to get bumped into and get wine spilled on. Otherwise you will leave out of there buzzed!!
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    I have been too and I love everything about it! There is a ton of wine to drink and my FI and I have discovered some of our favorites there.  It's so much fun. We bought tickets too this year since it's the weekend of his bday I splurged and bought some of the "extras" for him.  We are total foodies and the expense of the food tickets isn't too bad.  Be prepared though to have to stay and eat dinner after.  We were quite silly after last year.
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    Oh thanks girls! I'm so glad to get feedback. We are going to go this year too, but I dont know if I should buy a one day pass or two day pass. What do you think? Is there so much to do that you would need two days??
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    I went this past January and had a blast.  We didn't realize the beer/other drinks like Mike's Hard Lemonade and Ciders were upstairs - all included in your ticket price as well.  We only did the one day ticket which was enough for me.  We had to have dinner before we left and we even brought a DD!

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