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Was bummed yesterday...Long story...

So I purchased my veil yesterday and was very excited however I got an email from my proposed decorator stating that she had to pull her proposed contract because she commited to a wedding before mine and she thought the time would be too close.

First I have to say, I should've went with my gut feeling about her professionalism but I didn't :(.

 When I first contacted her to book an appt I told her about my wedding date, time and location. She agreed to meet with me to discuss more details about my wedding a few days after contacting her. Well guess what she did...or shall I say she didn't do....she pulled a no call, no show. FI and I (he was with me because we booked our appt after our Sunday church service) waited for her for 30mins at the agreed location. I called her number many times and even sent her an email (from my phone) while we were waiting. Never heard from her. A week later, after still not hearing from her regarding my appt, I decided to contact her again (I just could not fanthom how a professional wedding decorator could "no call-no show" a potential client". 

Anywho, I was also concerned for her well being (I know its weird but its just the nurse nature of "caring" in me). Well she replied with the following message verbatim: "Ooopppss! I had you on my calendar for next Sunday...I apologize. I went out of town for a few days last week." I decided to meet with her regardless on the following Sunday. The meeting was ok. We emailed one another back and forth a few times and then I got the email that she had to pull her proposal because of her other bride.

I was extremely bummed but I guess if I was in the other bride's position I would have wanted her to fully be there for me. I just wish she would've told me earlier instead of this 2wk ordeal.
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Re: Was bummed yesterday...Long story...

  • That's very unprofessional.  I honestly think you should write a review of her.  If she had a wedding planned for that day then she should have told you she was booked from the get-go.  Sorry this happened.
  • That's so annoying. One thing I've learned is to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS go with your gut about people....I feel like we shouldn't be putting in more effort than our vendors!!!
  • I don't understand what you mean by "wedding decorator."  Is she a wedding planner?  Your DOC?  I'm confused.
  • @ carebear- I know..I was thinking about writing a review. @Rswan...tell me about it, I've learned my lesson @ Dilynn- she's a wedding/party decorator meaning she specializes in decorating weddings, sweet sixteens, baby showers, etc. She's not a DOC nor is she a wedding planner she just deals with decorating. I just wanted her to decorate the Aqua Turf chapel with organza and some other items but she pulled out on me. I just found another decorator (yaay) at the Aqua Turf tasting. She does not have any affiliation with Aqua Turf! We actually sat at the same table during the tasting :). I couldn't have met her at a better time!
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  • That stinks, but before you write a bad review, did you have a contract with her or give her a deposit? Perhaps she thought you where still looking around and had someone who wanted to committ to that date that wanted something that would overlap on your time. Always get contract/give deposits if you are serious about a vendor because they get a lot of people who are just "looking around". Had a similair problem with a vendor, but it was really my fault that I didn't send the deposit in time.
  • Wow!! That's horrible.  Good thing it happened now and not later.  I'm glad you found another decorator!!
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