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Rain in St. Lucia during honeymoon

My fianc and I are leaving for our honeymoon in St. Lucia next week. The weather forecast is showing it to have thunderstorms and rain the whole time were there. Has anyone been to St. Lucia during rainy season and what is the rainy weather like there?? Does it rain off and on or does it rain all day?? Any feedback would be appreciated! I know it will be beautiful and warm and rain is expected in a rain forest, but I'm just trying to get a heads up on what kind of storms come through that island.

Re: Rain in St. Lucia during honeymoon

  • Usually in the Caribbean rain storms blow through quickly and the sun comes back out as quickly as it disappeared.  I tend to think that you'll have plenty of sunshine.  Enjoy your vacation!
  • We honeymooned in SL June of '08 which is the beginning of rainy season. We had a mix of clouds and sun the whole week and rain for about a hr. one day. Here is a helpful link that explains their rainy season http://stluciaguide.info/weather/ I equate it out to be much like Florida ,rain for a hr then goes away.
  • We've been to the caribbean 3 times in October or November (St Martin twice and Antigua once), and rain has always been in the forecast every day and it has rained for probably a total of an hour among all 3 places. It rained for a little while one day in Antigua in early November, and for about 20 minutes one afternoon in St Martin. On our last trip to St Martin, we were there 10 days, it was supposed to rain every day, and it never did.
  • I just got back from St. Lucia yesterday, so I have some experience for you. :) When we left it said rain every day, but it only rained for about 10 minutes one morning, then the rest of the day was beautiful. If it does rain, it should blow over quickly. You'll still have a great time, regardless of rain! We want to go back already!
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  • We went on a Southern Caribbean cruise on our HM. It rained everyday for less than 30 minutes. 
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  • I haven't been to St Lucia, but we just returned from our honeymoon in Turks and Caicos.  I also felt so disappointed because the forecast before we left showed rain every single day.  However, when we got there we have 15 minutes of rain only 2 of the 10 days we were there.  It was windy (which they forecasted) and some clouds overhead, but the clouds are actually helpful so you don't get too hot on the beach.  They always predict rain in the Caribbean but then it just blows over or even blows right off the coast.
  • what the % of forecasted rain is is important too.
    does it show all day? or afternoon or what?


  • We took our HM to St. Lucia this past August and before we left I was freaking out because the weather said rain/storms every day. However, when we got there, it rained only 2 out of the 10 days for less than 10 minutes. Don't let the forecast worry you because it most likely will only be a very short passing shower, if anything.
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  • Thank you all!! Makes me feel better. The forecast shows 50 chance of rain/thunderstorms 6 of 8 days were there. we can't wait to see the island though!
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