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Hey girls!

I haven't been very active on the boards, just kind of reading everyone's reviews and comments and I'm getting a little overwhelmed! FI and I are just starting to inquire about DJs and I seem to be getting mixed reviews.  What kind of questions should I be asking?  What should I be looking for in my DJ?  Maybe some of you who have already booked a DJ can share what made you choose yours?  TIA for your help!

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    DJ Melee!   Easiest vendor I've booked so far.  He's recommended far and wide on this board, and he's incredibly affordable.  We came in way under budget for music.  He is professional, very knowledgable, highly experienced, and ridiculously talented.

    For us, we wanted to know how he'd handle requests from guests, if he'd put a clause in for playing songs off the "Do Not Play" list (FI wanted a monetary deduction for every song that got played - apparently DJ Melee had one of his own DNP songs played at his own wedding and was furious so he's extra careful about that).  We wanted to know how he chose the songs (he doesn't play songs that are about break ups, anti-wedding, etc. unless you specifically want them).  How he'd manage if the power went out, what set-up he's need at the venue - space, electrical, etc.  If he needed dinner, what sort of breaks, etc.



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    Another dj melee bride here. We already had a dj on hold (nothing paid) when we met with dj melee and walked out of there and decided we wanted him before we even reached the car. We had met with 2 other djs before so we made some comparisons. He was also much cheaper than the other djs (more than $1k cheaper) while also offering many extras to make our wedding unique so we really liked the personalization. We splurged on our photographer so we felt that dj melee helped keep our Budget in tact while offering great service.
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    We also booked DJ Meele on the spot!  I'm very excited to work with him...he's exactly what we were looking for!
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    Another Dj Meele bride here! So far he's been great to work with!
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    We used Tom Salatto from Starry Nite Entertainment and LOVED him! He was at least half the price of other DJ's we looked into because he owns his own business. He was very professional, kept the reception moving in the right direction, and our dance floor was packed all night.
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    We only interviewed with 2 DJs (which is nothing compared to my quest for a photographer haha)- We immediately booked with Pete from After Hours. And he was awesome!!  He definitely helped organize the day and move it along. I always felt like if something went wrong, he would be there. Everything ended up going so smoothly.  He was so much more than a DJ! He was always checking to see if we were OK with drinks, etc. etc. He was on top of  things the whole time. Plus, the day after our wedding, After Hours already had over 100 pics up to share with us and a video clip. We also got a CD with all of our wedding songs. 

    I chose based on personality, professionalism, and how much I felt like we could tailor what we wanted (no props/linedancing unless we wanted it, etc.)

    Good luck!
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    Another DJ Melee bride...what made us choose him was his great recommendations, his price and his personality- we also wanted someone creative with wedding music and someone who was versatile to work in any environment (we're getting married at the aqarium, there are some set-up issues and decible levels). I also met with the Music Machine in RI and After Hours. After Hours was good- a little too hyped up for me though- and Music Machine was good- but DJ Melee took the cake, hands down! Just follow your gut- choose your top 3-5 and interview them- then make a pro/con list!
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    Thanks ladies!!

    I'm a list maker so I approached this with a list of what to look for and what to ask but from your reviews it seems I should just make a couple appointments, feel the DJs out and go with my gut!  

    Wish me luck!Smile
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    DJ Melee bride here, loved his personality.  We'll find out next august how he does!
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    We also used DJ Melee :) One of our most favorite vendors, and we booked him on the spot! We were looking for a DJ that knew how to keep a crowd going, wouldn't try to overpower the event with cheesy dialog, and would tactfully handle guests requesting things we didn't want to hear. Jae delivered on all of these things above and beyond! He also put together custom entrances for us, and had an awesome Michael Jackson mash-up that was a big hit on the dance floor. He's very easy to work with, professional, and organized. He's very popular, so hopefully your date is open!
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    We booked Sal from After Hours. We have seen After Hours at a few weddings and they did a great job!! They give you both an MC and a DJ. We met with Sal, and he was so professional, had soo much good advice, and pretty much went minute by minute through the wedding details. We felt that he would really keep everything organized and make sure everything went smoothly!
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    Hi everyone! Unfortunately DJ Melee has one date booked in March and it happens it be the date of my wedding!! So I've begun looking at others... as many have said, I'm expecting to invest a lot in a good photographer (and possibly videographer if it fits in the budget) so I don't want to spend over $1K on the DJ.  So far I've come across basic packages (incl. 1 DJ and 1 MC )with Tom @ Starry Nite ($700) and David R @ Entertainment Unlimited ($799) for 4 hours. Also emailed Action DJ Entertainment but haven't heard back yet. 

    Since I live and work in MA, it's difficult to meet up with vendors if they're not available on the weekends.... so has anyone met with any of these people?? Would love any feedback you could provide!! We're in our mid-20s, so looking for someone who can do mostly top 40 music but also do some traditional wedding music too.  Don't want anyone too involved in the guests (to me that usually comes across creepy)! TIA!!!
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